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     Seeing is believing 8 lesser valued stocks in a  Portfolio using Trading Profits from more UNITS  of GOOG & AAPL to Earn 30.5% ROI for the Transparecy of the AbsolutePercent.com. That you can duplicate from a 7 Example Download for youself at $99 until March 15.   


     It is Christmas day 2023. I received my gift a few months ago. That is when I cited my Patent’s ROI for arithmetic technology for a Excel 10 stock Portfolio. Labeled “Close Ended” 10 is always the number of components. I was given certainty by a Patent examiner’s approval. That I created a Portfolio for the first time. He further commented when he blessed ROI for the whole Portfolio regardless of the number of stocks.


DO NOT TOUCH THE GOOG  & AAPL SHARES You must own their respective shares of the Download


       That was 10 years ago. During accumulations all those years observations dictated that lower stock quantities complicated matters with higher prices. Especially because I always liked GOOG and AAPl ROI credentials. During my 10 year time frame their splits complicated results further. Knowing that splits change cap values as well. I made sure that the two corporations were part of my stock routine.


     Along the way it made sense to include both in any Portfolio. Especially when their trade values were in the hundreds. Such eventuality resulted in two individual ROI’s first. They became a Portfolio of two stocks adoptlmg its ROI  to 8 Stocks with lesser shares owned. 


          For the only actual ROI Portfolio in existence today I have made it available at this time with 7 versions in one downloadable exile file per the Patent. (per 1000 per $1000 vs. the entire stock market that is per share). I believe Yahoo only has 3 (GOOG,AAPL & AMZN) that conforms with per 1000 for Bx #4 & by calling it a Ratio.


        To repeat I have set the single Excel file in motion with 7 different Portfolios (Models). The 6 top ones of the file are split between GOOG & APPL with their individual trade values throughout the 7 Portfolios. Among the top four, GOOG dominant shares while the last three across AAPL shares dominate. You will notice the 8 other Corporations have 100% Trade Values equal with ROI $$$ as owned.


        It is intended that after you download to your computer. ONLY OWNED remain with the present quanity share amounts for GOOG & AAPL. With 8 Stocks WAITING for other TRADE IN or buys 

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1) Open the Excel file and immediatly download into your computer 

2) Find the model (table) that most closely matches your ownership of GOOG and/or AAPL.
3) In the model you chose, enter 5 or 10 for the listed Corporations owned.
4) For stocks that you don't own, keep the quantities already entered in the model, and buy

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1)  Today's arithmetic of  my creation takes Trading Values of more amounts of  shares  to lesser quantities of  lower price stocks to arrive at 30% ROI.

2) My Fee scale is for Portfolio Growth in dollars while maintaining respective ROI

3) My Calling Card generates Yahoo Data ROI into a Rate descending  Order weekly from Yahoo for the future while $99 bi weekly ends March 15

4) What I call a Mortgage Wealth Portfolio Creation  in size easily handles withdrawals 

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