RATiO a new Statistic confirms MASSIVE ROI% from a Close Ended Portfolio of 10 Stocks.


Produces ROI X SPLIT RATE with a NEW ROI

CHART 3 is for the ROI Available after the Split 

MY ROYALITY $3,000 X SPLIT RATE....Thank You 

Per Chart 1 there are 8 Closed Ended Portfolios of 10 Stocks each with ROI's from 35% to 45%. ALL for you to produce  INVESTMENT GROW  WITHIN  

It IS also the answer to A VERY SICK Economy 

ALL is Patented for Portfolios & ROI as created 10 years per 1000 which Obsoletes per share in many respects  

       THE LORD led me by trail & error. My St Johns U degree blessed the arithmetic of the new statistic. With  RATiO seemingly a gift of the recent Christmas. 

     Chart 1 is my Fee Structure via bi-monthly, on the honor system...It is a visual for all the individual Porfolios that produce the 1st EXCEL download. I like to refer to the production with the key the ROI Process.

   Within the  download, two stocks GOOG & AAPL are from your own collection of many more stocks.   

   Hopefully they are the 1st step of the ROI Process.  The two amounts per GOOG & AAPL are cash eguavalent from owned & to grow from fairly recent 20 & 7 splits.  Their profit, sales $$$ less cost of a share times their quantity of each  is spread over 8 much lower traded value. That is my arithmetic trial & error from their ROI . That excess $$$ from more unit shares  are used in what is a 2nd Portfolio for 8 lower priced quantities of shares.

      The combination of the two ROI's always add to 100% consumed.  Proving the overall ROI % in a single Portfolio  as confirmed by the NEW statistic RATIO per 1000.

 Chart 5 is a Visial of ROI......for STOCKS, PORTFOLIOS & COLLECTIONS OF STOCKS, MONEY MARKET FUNDS  & OTHER UNIT COLLECTION. This means that colletions etc. can be taken as a hand full of stocks & put in one of the download's Portfolios & analized as a group for their sub par RATIO ROI when they dominate the entire COLLECTION...FORGET IT CHART 1, added last portfolio (in any currency)


THE EXCEL DOWNLOAD CONTAINS eight Porfolios all with ROI past 40%.  If I had the Capital living in a Assistant Living  Facility this write up would be much easier & me much richer.   

         After you download the Excel file (updated every Saturday) you place your GOOG & APPL stock quanities  owned in the closest amounts of the first 6 Portfolios.

          Next you pick 8 of your lowest shares owned.  Place those  amounts  in the eight cells. You are now in businees if you have saved the file in your computer & enabled ediiting.   

    If your Portfolio ROI %  is not in the 30% to 48% range you have some trading to do FOR STOCKS as contained  in my Portfolio (chart 9)  as owned.  

          P.S. MY Patent has nothing to do with RATiO. Ten years ago I created Portfolios with ROI & EPS,  Bx#4 per 1000.In addition chart #9 &  one Portfolio has the exact same RATi0 as my TD Ameritrade account for a quantity of Shares.


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