Yes Conservatives,,,A New Statistic for EPS of Stocks & Close Ended Portfolios       

     It is Christmas day 2023. I received my gift when I checked a  dictionary looking for the definition of RATiO. I saw no relation to the stock market or ROI. I was seekikng such by a Patent examiner’s approval of an ROI 10 Years ago. He further commented when he blessed ROI for an entite Portfolio and regardless of the number of stocks. "RATiO" per  dictionary read  without any reference to stocks. I began using EPS ROI "confirmation" of  stocks & portfilios through out this web address. 

  DO NOT TOUCH THE GOOG  & AAPL SHARES you own. Only add  them to the 7 CLOSD  ENDED PORTFOLIOS. Especially because I always liked GOOG and AAPl ROI credentials. During my 10 year time frame their splits increased ROI to the extent of the split rate. I made sure that the two corporations were part of my stock routine.

                To repeat I have set the single Excel file in motion with 7 different Portfolios. You will notice the 8 other Corporations have 100% Trade Values.  


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